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An object (usually an animal or plant) serving as the emblem of a family or clan and often as a reminder of its ancestry; something that serves as a revered symbol.
[Amer. Indian]
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Chris Willman, Vice President, US Sales, TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico 904-855-1260 *
Tote Ireland is a subsidiary of HRI, which is supposed to be responsible for the regulation of on-course bookmakers.
As if the inadequate size of the garbage tote isn't enough, an additional problem has emerged from Dyster's Trash Plan.
Illustrate those ideas with photos as well as by filling totes with everything from make-up to toiletries, from CDs to DVDs, from wine bottles to olive oil.
Fold each tab in half, wrap around handles, and baste to top edges of front and back of tote. Carry on.
Then come two of the biggest handicaps of the Flat season, the Tote Ebor at York in August and Tote Ayr Gold Cup the following month.
Totes continue to be popular items for vendors and stores.
Tote: [euro]2.90, [euro]1.02, [euro]1.40, [euro]1.60.
Presently, the new Dyster disposal ordinance states that recycling is voluntary, yet provides fines of up to $250 per day for people who try to throw out more than what can be put inside a 64 gallon tote per week.
Ladbrokes do not display Tote trifecta dividends on their shop screens despite accepting such bets, but they do display all other Tote dividends.
Tote: win PS4.60 places PS1.40 PS2.30 PS1.90 Tote Exacta: PS42.60 CSF: PS36.10 1.55 1 JUST BEWARE (Gemma Gracey-Davison) 20-1 2 Ya Hafed (9-2) 3 Strathcal (6-1) 9 ran Ministry 4-1F 23/4, 1/2.