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totalizator, totalisator

a computer-driven, machine-operated betting system which eliminates the bookmaker in the betting industry which surrounds horse and dog racing. Called also parimutuel.
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The totalizer is a machine that is used in addition with the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) meant to facilitate the counting of the votes.
In addition to computing fuel flow and endurance data, the company's 2-inch LCD display-equipped FP-5L (and FP-5 without GPS interface) fuel totalizer is approved for use as a primary fuel pressure indicator, since it's equipped with an additional data input channel.
As I rolled out on final I saw 500 pounds on the fuel totalizer, and as I landed the gauge went to 400 pounds.
TransData, a manufacturer of advanced energy metering systems and wireless data telemetry products, has launched an internal CDMA Digital Cellular Modem for its SSR-6000 Solid-State Demand Recorder and Pulse Totalizer.
Series DMF Digital Mass Flow Controllers can be programmed for various control functions including flow set point, totalizer, stop totalizer, totalize from preset flow, stop and preset auto, and auto zero.
Active X faceplates are included for several instructions that are typically used with operator control, including alarm, enhanced select, totalizer, ramp/soak, discrete 2-state device, discrete 3-state device and enhanced proportional, integral and derivative (PID) loop control.
Joining the Maguire Weigh Scale Totalizer line of machines, the new WST 110 is said to function exactly like the company's gravimetric weigh scale blenders, utilizing the Maguire Extrusion Control Network.
Memphis already uses Harland Simon's Prima totalizer, and The Orlando (Fla.
Other instrumentation includes a selector switch which allows for choice of different flow loops; differential pressure gauges for monitoring of the three filter stages; controls for the two 300 watt lights; and a totalizer to measure the amount of fuel processed.
If the discharge is to a confined channel equipped with a weir or measuring flume, it can be indicated or recorded with a float or level sensor coupled with an integrated flow rate indicator and totalizer as well as a chart recorder.
0 software release include a new Totalizer feature that allows a trader to quickly average spot deals.
Tenders are invited for Procurement of flow indicator cum totalizer for u#6, 7 ptp & etp plant at i & c nptps, Parli-vaijnath.