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totalizator, totalisator

a computer-driven, machine-operated betting system which eliminates the bookmaker in the betting industry which surrounds horse and dog racing. Called also parimutuel.
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Every time one is snapped off the forecourt, the totaliser mounts up.
Les recettes sont censees totaliser 5,0491 milliards de dollars et les depenses 5,0404 milliards.
Michel Foucault describes the reform colony as having been constructed in order to dominate the life of the delinquent totally: "L'operation penitentiaire, si elle veut etre une vraie reeducation, doit totaliser l'existence du delinquent, faire de la prison une sorte de theatre artificiel et coercitif ou il faut la reprendre de fond en comble" (Foucault 1975 255).
The meters are small, lightweight units and come with the options of standard pulse output, 2 wire 4-2OmA output, lcd rate / totaliser, mechanical totaliser, batch control unit, and ratio monitoring.
La Musealisierung ou, comme d'aucuns l'ont ecrit, l' archive fever (Derrida 1995) de nos societes contemporaines pourrait bien etre la maniere par laquelle l'historien meconnait l'historicite, et d'abord ce qui lie l'historicite a la responsabilite , par laquelle il occulte, obture ou sature les questions, les fondements ou les abimes, parce qu'il croit naivement totaliser et actualiser, ou, ce qui revient au meme, parce qu'il se perd dans les details (Derrida 1992 : 13).
However, the pig is symbolised as a natural totaliser not only because it eats everything, (including the runt of its own litter, of course), but for the quadrupedal behaviour which makes its own gastronomic piggery possible: namely the pig's propensity as a wild creature to roam the whole forest, up and down, far and wide, as a transgressor of unbounded territory and garden fences.
The Crown Agents, for example, date from the mid-nineteenth century and the Horserace Totaliser Board (the Tote) originated in 1928.
res) i que la valeur des expAaAaAeA@ditions des produits d'[beaucoup moins que]agricultur sylviculture et chasse[beaucoup plus grand que] et de celles de l'industrie alimentaire s'est raffermie de 12,7% et 9,2% respectivement pour totaliser plus de 42 milliards de dirhams.
Selon les estimations du ministere de l'agriculture, la recolte des cereales a l'echelle du pays devra totaliser, cette annee, 17 millions de quintaux soit une augmentation de 38%, par rapport a la campagne precedente (12 millions qx).
Melody (4) 10 TOTALISER Boost your mental agility against the clock.
Un succes (26-20) qui permet a Baraki de totaliser 16 points, soit a une seule longueur du CRB Bordj Bou Arreridj.
And old Albert showing his skills on the pitch before the kick-off, dribbling around Redheugh Park to the delight of the home supporters before tapping into the net, always at the totaliser end, when I was there throughout the '40s and '50s.