total quality management

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total quality management (TQM)

an approach to the improvement of the provision of services based on the premise that the overwhelming majority of quality failures are the result of flaws in processes and that quality can be improved by controlling these processes. TQM replaces traditional methods of quality management based on the identification and correction of problems as they occur and requires the participation of all members of an organization in improving processes, products, services, and the culture in which they work. TQM involves creation of an organizational structure for identifying and improving processes, the use of data-based statistical analysis to study processes, and the empowerment of employees to take responsibility for their own tasks in a way that encourages both continuous learning and personal responsibility. In a health care setting, this means a shift from an emphasis on tasks to an emphasis on outcomes of care, which provide the data. See also continuous quality improvement.

total quality management

Managed care The application of the management theory of quality, a concept that focuses on product quality as a means of ↑ sales and saving money. See Continuous quality improvement, Quality control.
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Synergic relationship of total quality management practices and marketing management strategies product best quality product which fulfill customers' needs and expectations at competitive price with timely delivery.
Mahdavizade et al (2010), present in an article entitled "A model for determining the level of commitment and adopting total quality management (case study on suppliers of Saze Gostar Saipa Co.
Edward Deming, an early pioneer of total quality management concepts.
As Rhodes (1992) writes: "It's becoming clearer to me that the power of Total Quality Management concepts of Deming and others derive (1) from their psychological and value-driven base, and (2) from their `totalness.
It's necessary in Total Quality Management to reach as deep in the organization as you can go," he says.
Total quality management is intensely customer-focused.
Accessibility to management excellence was not the issue that are requested by the award models, instead they are concerned with the factors that impact on the total quality management that they provide "what to do" and do not provide "how to do" in order to achieve the target; they do not resolve a selected characteristics of the organization, which may impact on the total quality management implementation.
SHAPOFF: What role did technology play in bringing total quality management to finance?
This article summarize the attempts to define and measure quality and effectiveness in academic libraries, from traditional evaluative studies to Total Quality Management (TQM) and new research on user-defined criteria.
It's a way of benchmarking a total quality management program to a standard that can be understood.
Following the process of total quality management (TQM), the goal was to develop a system of coverage utilizing appropriate expertise with clearly defined roles that were sustainable, efficient and effective.
This mission statement is consistent with the Total Quality Management (TQM) program implemented last year at HCA.

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