total necrosis

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to·tal ne·cro·sis

1. complete necrosis of the cytologic and histologic elements in a portion of tissue, as in caseous necrosis;
2. death of an entire organ or part.

total necrosis

Necrosis affecting an entire organ or body part.
See also: necrosis
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In recent years, the jejunum has been transplanted using microvascular anastomosis, but death owing to total necrosis of the graft remains high (1).
This report describes the ease of a 37-year-old man who was addicted to crushed OxyContin (sustained-release oxycodone HCl) tablets and who presented with total necrosis of the septum, sinuses, and soft palate.
Sporadic case reports have discussed the possibility of regression (3) or total necrosis (4) of testicular seminoma as the source of metastatic tumor of unknown origin.

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