total load

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total load,

n the sum of factors that influence an individual's life and health, including food, chemicals, microbes, psychologic factors, and other elements. Any one of these factors would not normally cause illness, but the cumulative effect of these agents may overload the functioning in an individual.
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Data also cited that 320 vessels have transited the canal two weeks prior, carrying a total load of 18,101m tonnes.
With the SkyBitz solution, Mckinney Trailer Rentals will be positioned to provide improved asset allocation, total load visibility and enhanced logistics and security to their customers.
The Lufthansa cargo flight No: LH 480 landed on the tarmac in Dubai with a total load of 20 tons, including a brand new Mercedes car, and took off a short while later with a load of 84 tons.
So, in all there are seven coaches and in six coaches we have provided this system so total load reduction is about three tones.
1% in January over December, accompanied by a total load factor of 70.
Also in December 2011, the company recorded a total load factor of 72.
Key features are said to include a total load of 150 N or 500 N; total deformation of 3 mm (optionally 6 mm); test frequency of 10 Hz; tests at ambient temperature; sample preconditioning is available; an electro dynamic shaker system for static and dynamic load; strain and/or force controlled operation mode; cylindrical test specimen; easy operation; and sample dimensions with diameter up to 36 mm and height up to 8 mm.
By raising one pipe above the other, the width of the total load can be reduced to stay within the legal limitations for truck loads.
In addition to providing complete information on each product, users can also compute their total load via a calculator within the guide, the statement added.
All states of Malaysia have latent fraction of total load more than 50%.
Sources of National Maritime Company said that the total load capacity of the two tankers is 165,000 tons, it is equivalent to 1,155,000 barrels of oil.
With the front passenger seat also folded down, the total load length is 2.
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