total load

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total load,

n the sum of factors that influence an individual's life and health, including food, chemicals, microbes, psychologic factors, and other elements. Any one of these factors would not normally cause illness, but the cumulative effect of these agents may overload the functioning in an individual.
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Total load factor from January to February improved by 6.
If the machine is too large, then the base load rises as a proportion of the total load.
multivariate control in grinding mills is largely absent--despite the complexity of the grinding process, in which feed rate, mill rotation speed, ore hardness and purity, total load and, in wet mills, water addition rate, all have to be taken into account in order to obtain better productivity and efficiency.
The 1,645-litre total luggage capacity and 1,830mm of total load area length, with second and third row seats folded flat, is very easy to access thanks to the Easy Flat-7 seating system.
7-inch-diameter pier has a total load capacity of 220 lbs.
He said that adding up one hundred mw in the national grid after the lapse of two years is rather matter of embarrassment rather pride for this government that boasted to control total load shedding of electricity in months rather than in years.
Socomec says based on its market leading true online double conversion technology (VFI), the ITYS guarantees high availability and total load protection.
Cairo, Safar 7, 1435, Dec 10, 2013, SPA -- As many as 56 ships of different nationalities crossed the waterway of the Suez Canal, in the two opposite directions, with a total load tonnage of 3,252,000 tons.
With the SkyBitz solution, Mckinney Trailer Rentals will be positioned to provide improved asset allocation, total load visibility and enhanced logistics and security to their customers.
1% in January over December, accompanied by a total load factor of 70.
Also in December 2011, the company recorded a total load factor of 72.
Key features are said to include a total load of 150 N or 500 N; total deformation of 3 mm (optionally 6 mm); test frequency of 10 Hz; tests at ambient temperature; sample preconditioning is available; an electro dynamic shaker system for static and dynamic load; strain and/or force controlled operation mode; cylindrical test specimen; easy operation; and sample dimensions with diameter up to 36 mm and height up to 8 mm.
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