total intravenous anesthesia

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total intravenous anesthesia (TIVA)

anesthesia using only IV agents without the use of inhalational agents. Drugs used are generally of short duration of action and half-life in order to reduce the risks associated with accumulation. TIVA avoids unwanted effects of inhalational agents and the need for complex apparatus.

total intravenous anesthesia

Abbreviation: TIVA
The sole use of intravenous drugs without any inhalational agents for operative or procedural anesthesia.
See also: anesthesia
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The previously mentioned TARGIT Center was created to develop techniques and strategies that will lead to the advancement, research, education, and implementation of total intravenous anesthesia on the battlefield and in austere environments.
The results of this study demonstrated that AQUAVAN(R) Injection could be used to provide total intravenous anesthesia for complex medical and surgical procedures in high-risk patients.
Assessment of depth of anesthesia and postoperative respiratory recovery after remifentanil- versus alfentanil-based total intravenous anesthesia in patients undergoing ear-nose-throat surgery.

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