total energy

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to·tal en·er·gy

the sum of kinetic and potential energies.
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Kohler Generators has penned an updated distribution agreement with Total Energy Systems, LLC.
The impact has been felt disproportionately in the coal sector, which accounts for around two-thirds of total energy consumption but is now the primary target of the government's "war on pollution".
Energy End Uses and Costs: The majority of energy used in commercial sized public buildings in Alaska goes towards space heating, which on average accounts for 72% of total energy use, as seen in the figure bottom left.
Indonesia's total energy demand is expected to reach 8.
Current WHO guidelines say sugars should make up less than 10% of total energy intake per day for adults and children but experts believe slashing this to 5% is more "ideal".
Energy from waste and renewables increased in 2011 and now makes up 4% of total energy use, the Environmental Accounts from the ONS showed.
New framework puts companies on a path to total energy and sustainability management
Shell was recognized with the Chairman's Innovation Award during a reception held at the first Total Energy USA Conference and Exposition.
PKF Texas) Tax Director, Gary Voth, will moderate the panel, " Financial Planning for Energy Companies in Uncertain Times" on November 28, 2012 during the 2012 Total Energy USA Conference.
The figures show that total energy consumption for last year stood at 747.
Total energy input and output in maize production systems was collected by using questionnaires and data analysis.
The researchers used doubly labeled water to measure total energy expenditure, and calculated residual total energy expenditure after adjusting for age, height, and body weight.

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