total diameter

diameter, total (TD)

The linear measurement (usually specified in millimetres) of the maximum external dimension of a contact lens. It is equal to the back optic zone diameter (BOZD) plus twice the width of each of the back peripheral optic zones (if any) or twice the width of the edge in a spherical lens. Formerly, it was called overall size (OS). See optic zone diameter; v gauge.
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The diameter (mm) of six cookies was determined by placing the cookies next to each other horizontally, and the total diameter was measured.
Of the total diameter increment, the percentage increment in one month from bud-break ranged between 65.
The following data were collected: total mass of fruits, mass of marketable fruits, mass of fruits with blossom-end rot, total diameter of fruits, and diameter of marketable fruits.
4 meters above the floor and its total diameter measures 45.
However, only a small subset of the ISO specified lens design parameters are typically utilised by practitioners to specify a contact lens: back optic zone radius (BOZR), usually referred to as base curve on lens packaging, total diameter (TD), and back vertex power (BVP).
From each scute we took the following linear measurements: anteroposterior total diameter, anteroposterior diameter of the central figure, total transverse diameter, and thickness.
RAY: Usually, the total diameter of the wheel/tire combination stays the same, regardless of which wheel size you choose.
Policy has the largest impact on total Diameter signaling traffic with nearly 24 million MPS crossing LTE networks by 2016 in support of policy use cases.

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