total cystectomy

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to·tal cys·tec·to·my

removal of the entire bladder.
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Eighteen percent (553/3139) of patients with total cystectomy had adjuvant chemotherapy compared to 12% (22/181) of PC patients (p=0.
However, the treatment of choice is total cystectomy, but post-operative quality of life should be considered before taking any decision.
For bladder lesions electrocautery or laser fulguration, transurethral resection and partial or total cystectomy have all been employed based on the size and number of lesions.
Focal palisading granuloma in the prostate and bladder: a clinicopathologic study of 88 total cystectomy specimens.
The dog was submitted to a bilateral uretherocolic anastomosis (deviation of the ureteres into the colon), reduction of the fistula (fistula closure), and total cystectomy (resection of the bladder), but he died in the postoperative period.
Treatment depends upon the size and type of tumor, and ranges from intravesical chemotherapy to partial or total cystectomy (Russell, 2009).

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