total communication

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total communication

an approach to the education of deaf children that uses a combination of sign language, finger spelling, and oral communication.
See also: oral auditory method, manual visual method, combined methods.
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to·tal com·mu·ni·ca·tion

(tō'tăl kŏ-myū'ni-kā'shŭn)
Habilitation of patients who are deaf or hearing impaired using any or all appropriate methods to enhance communication; particularly, the combination of manual and oral techniques.
Synonym(s): simultaneous communication.
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Based on this result, the throughput of the relay link (total communication speed from the terminal to the base station) is calculated, and a relay terminal capable of generating the highest speed is selected.
In this section, the performances of MEMO, [M.sup.3], and WMM are compared with the proposed scheme in terms of handoff cost, packet delivery cost, and total communication cost per time unit under different mobility rate, session arrival rate, and session departure rate.
LAP Green Network is a provider of total communication solutions, operating in six African countries and the acquisition of Telekom Srbija would be the company's first investment outside Africa.
The risk of failing a grade increased with the age of the child at the time of the survey and was lower if oral communication were the child's mode of communication, compared with data from those who used sign language or mainly oral communication with sign language as support (total communication).
DOHA VODAFONE Qatar, which recently received the fixed service licence from ictQatar, has signed an agreement with United Development Company to provide total communication solutions to Pearl-Qatar.
The Rotary Club of Salmaniya donated hearing aids to four students at the Isa Town Rehabilitation Centre and another four at the Shaikhan Al Farisi Centre for Total Communication, in Riffa.
A new control system architecture, for which the HMI, PLC and axis cards are all sourced from the same supplier; the uniformity in component origin offers reliable and simplified diagnoses and procurement, with a reduction in the cost of maintenance into the bargain; total communication between components enables activation of complementary functions.
Access to communication is a very important part of the school's work and it strives to maintain a total communication environment, providing pupils with access to signing, symbols and communication books and aids.
Adept at reading speech on others' lips, she conducts her classes through a combination of speaking and signing, a mix she calls "total communication."
Topics include analyzing relationships between care management and PCP, managing the tensions between the interests of organizations and service users, promoting empowerment, involving young people, turning planning into services through total communication, addressing ethnicity, reviewing PCP results, considering direct payments, facing risk, and using PCP in the adult protection process.
These value-added enhanced services solutions, along with the company's real- time billing solutions, comprise the company's Total Communication portfolio.
Research indicates that although people may strongly attend to what is said, nonverbal behavior may constitute two-thirds or more of total communication. And although people have the option not to speak, they can never be uncommunicative nonverbally.

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