total cleavage

hol·o·blas·tic cleav·age

cleavage in which the blastomeres are completely separated; the entire egg participates in cell division.
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While total cleavage rates were not different, higher blastocyst rates following co-culture with goat oviductal epithelial cells versus cumulus cells were also reported previously (Izquierdo et al., 1998).
This gives us a total cleavage area resulting from the loading program under consideration.
However, these differences are of less relevance because a routine incubation time of 1 h is recommended and only the total cleavage yield is important for toxicological analysis.
Species within the same family may exhibit extreme differences in early embryogenesis: The Braconidae contain ectoparasitic species, laying yolky eggs that show syncytial development similar to that of Drosophila, and endoparasitic species that lay small, yolk-free eggs that undergo total cleavage and "short germ" patterning (M.

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