total acidity

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to·tal a·cid·i·ty (a),

an obsolete expression of gastric acidity, the acidity being determined by titration with sodium hydroxide, using phenolphthalein as indicator.
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Table 1--Average length (AL), average diameter (AD), pulp/pit ratio (P/P), total soluble solids (SS), total acidity (TA), pH, soluble solids/total acidity ratio (ratio), color ([L.
The percentage of total acidity was determined as the citric acid equivalence and no significant different (p<0.
In this section, binary logistic regression, a type of probabilistic statistical classification model which can be used to measure the relationship between a categorical dependent variable and several independent variables by using probability scores as the predicted values of the dependent variable [18,19], is used to explore the best fitting model to describe the relationship between the transformer HI and the set of independent variables like BDV, total acidity of oil, 2-Furfuraldehyde content, and DCG in order to determine the health condition of the transformer.
The volume, free acidity and total acidity of gastric secretion in group A (Carbachol treated group) was 28.
Total acidity is the amount of titratable total acidity, while pH is the resultant [H+] concentration.
The antisecretory effect of peganine (1) was evaluated by estimating free and total acidity of gastric juice and by estimating the activity of mucin as shown in Table 1.
Results obtained in terms of the total acidity, UV absorption values at 600nm and oxygen percentage analysis as determined from Oxygen Analyzer are tabulated in table 1.
01 N sodium hydroxide using phenolphthalein as an indicator for the estimation of total acidity (Prakash 2007).
Chemical properties like total acidity, vitamin C content, TSS, total sugars, reducing sugar, non reducing sugar were determined in mangoes treated with hot water at 55oC for 20 minutes and stored at room temperature, followed by hot water treatment of 45oC at 30 minutes.
Likewise, soluble solids, total acidity and pH ranged from 21.

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