total acidity

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to·tal a·cid·i·ty (a),

an obsolete expression of gastric acidity, the acidity being determined by titration with sodium hydroxide, using phenolphthalein as indicator.
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On the other hand, the 2016 harvest was characterized by the production of more acidic fruits, with approximately 67 meq [L.sup.-1] of total acidity, followed by the 2013, 2014 and 2015 crops, showing the influence of environmental conditions on fruit quality and not of orchard densification.
Hydrothermally treated Cu-zeolites showed a decrease in total acidity along with the shift of [T.sub.max] of the N[H.sub.3] desorption peak to the lower region.
Physico-chemical parameters Mean [+ or -] and bioactive compounds standard-deviation pH 5.96 [+ or -] 0.03 Titratable total acidity 5.85 [+ or -] 0.18 (% citric acid) Antioxidant activity (inhibition 28.85 [+ or -] 2.66 percentage of the DPPH radical) Vitamin C (mg/100 g) 14.92 [+ or -] 1.68 Phenolic compounds (mgGAE/100 g) 178.65 [+ or -] 2.81 n=3 (analysis triplicate).
The percentage of total acidity was determined as the citric acid equivalence and no significant different (p<0.05) for all palm sugar samples were observed.
In the first stage of this study, EAMM was tested in the pyloric ligation assay to evaluate its potential in modulating the gastric content parameters such as gastric juice's volume, pH, free and total acidity, and gastric wall mucus content.
The reason why the higher total acidity did not render high ethanol conversion can be proposed upon Scheme 1.
Let [x.sub.i] be a variable indicating the set of independent variables like BDV, total acidity of oil, 2-Furfuraldehyde content, and so forth.
Furthermore, administration of CO lead to a decrease in volume of gastric juice (3.980.391 to 3.180.287 ml), free acidity (73.23.721 to 555.496 Eq/l/100 gm), total acidity (118.24.705 to 99.46.532 mEq/l/100 gm) and increased value of pH (3.40.253 to 4.180.404).
Results: It was found that verapamil reduced the volume, free and total acidity of gastric secretion, which were statistically highly significant when compared with carbachol (pless than 0.001).
To measure total acidity, fruit juice after filtering and after titration was measured in mg per 100 mL juice in 0.1 normalization of NaOH.
In this case, the standard analysis for the total acidity, which is obligatory for each enological laboratory, did not indicate any falsification and was thus useless.

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