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An object (usually an animal or plant) serving as the emblem of a family or clan and often as a reminder of its ancestry; something that serves as a revered symbol.
[Amer. Indian]
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It may be recalled that for TOT Bundle-I of 648 km, Australia-based Macquarie Group had emerged as the highest bidder, quoting $1.5 billion (Rs.
The resolution of a TOT experience can be even more complex than the mere experience of it.
It's PS25 for a shot and although it's more than people would usually expect to hand over for a tot of rum, it's a lot less than PS650.
The USD 11m credit facility will provide TOT Money with financial resources to attract top customers and continue to build upon its platform for Russia and the Commonwealth Independent States markets.
While Tot struggles to understand the importance of his poetic power, particularly as he finds himself without any recognition of his accomplishment, his return generates a rather important scene that clarifies the play's concern with poetry.
Fifteen ToT (1 female/14 male) (the total equals 41% of the total ToT in the Project), nine FFS (1/8) and 19 non-participants (3/16) were selected to compare the Project's impact on participants (ToT and FFS) and non-participants.
This TOT signal is in response to incomplete access, but what is the driving force behind the TOT signal?
Thedriveis nowh ito ut ofa narrowalleyand a nything pushedor pulledc ouldhitthe Montereyp ineor cypresstr ees.T he fairway hasagain beenmo ved tot he lefta ndthis i sanother green with run-offs.
Women who had SUI were included in the trial if they had ISD based on urodynamic findings (i.e., maximum urethral closure pressure [less than or equal to] 20 cm [H.sub.2]O or Valsalva leak-point pressure [less than or equal to] 60 cm [H.sub.2]O, or both) and were randomly assigned to TVT or TOT. The primary endpoint was symptomatic SUI (confirmed by repeat urodynamic testing) that required a second procedure upon patient request.
Tot grote Indonesische irritatie had Pronk gemeld dat hij bij zijn aanstaand overleg in Indonesie Atjeh wilde bezoeken.
Un dia, tot cacant, els meus gossos perseguiren el cervol fins a la clotada i la bestia s'escapa i s'ajague sota aquell arbre, pero els gossos no s'hi varen pas atansar.