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The purpose of the study was to test whether bacteria on tortoise shells can be associated with shell degradation.
It is beautifully designed--you are drawn to the woman's body, but equally so to the detail of her hair, the tortoise shell, and the bracelet.
Then he fixed the guts of a slaughtered cow as strings to a tortoise shell, thus inventing the lyre, followed by the creation of the reed pipe.
A new special-effect masterbatch for injection molded caps, closures, trim rings, and decorative parts can produce patterns such as swirls, marble, molten metal, and tortoise shell. Splash-Swirl from Clariant Masterbatches, Charlotte, N.C., can be formulated for PE, PP, SAN, PS, and ABS.
A new effect for injection-molded caps, closures, trim rings, and decorative parts produces swirl patterns that vary in size and shape, and creates a variety of looks--including marble, molten metal, and tortoise shell. Clariant's masterbatch special effect can be formulated for polyethylene, polypropylene, SAN (styrene acrylonitrile), polystyrene, and ABS, and is used in cosmetic, personal care, and health and beauty aid plastic packaging.
& S.) Compton Tortoise Shell Nymphalis californica (Bdv.) California Tortoise Shell Nymphalis antiopa (L.) Mourning Cloak Aglais milberti (Godart) Milbert's Tortoise Shell Vanessa cardui (L.) Painted Lady Vanessa atalanta (L.) Red Admiral Basilarchia lorquini (Bdv.) Lorquin's Admiral SATYRIDAE Coenonympha tullia complex Ringlet Cercyonis pegala (F.) Common Wood Nymph Cercyonis sthenele (Bdv.) Great Basin Wood Nymph Cercyonis oetus (Bdv.) Dark Wood Nymph Erebia epipsodea Butler Common Alpine DANAIDAE Danaus plexippus (L.) Monarch DISCUSSION
It features celluloid "tortoise shell" scales and gleaming german-silver bolsters with the Remington bullet inlaid in the left hand scale.
In Japanese, "kikko" means "tortoise shell," and man means ten thousand." According to folklore, the tortoise is a symbol of steady progress and longevity and is believed to live as long as ten thousand years.
The animals were being killed at a rate of 100,000 a year, made into purses and tortoise shell glasses, until the group succeeded in getting the government to declare a hunting ban in 1990.
On the more exotic end, its Moroccan-inspired collection combines fabrics like velvet, silk organza and taffeta with embroidery and tortoise shell embellishments.
The pattern of gopher tortoise shell disarticulation is similar to that of emydids, except that the pygal and suprapygal bones usually disarticulate even faster than the neurals.
It is based on two stories about the miraculous early deeds of the god Hermes: that the infant, growing to maturity in a few days, stole cattle from Apollo, baffling discovery by reversing the animals' hoof marks, and that he invented the lyre by fitting strings to a tortoise shell. The title characters are the chorus of satyrs, who are looking for the cattle; they are amusingly dumbfounded at the sound of the new instrument Hermes has invented.