torsion fracture

tor·sion frac·ture

a fracture resulting from twisting of the limb.
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spiral fracture

A fracture of a long bone characterised by a spiral fracture line resulting from a torsional traumatic force.
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tor·sion frac·ture

(tōr'shŭn frak'shŭr)
A fracture resulting from twisting of the limb.
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In this paper, we investigated the torsion fracture behavior of the [La.sub.50][Al.sub.30][Ni.sub.20] MG microwire under in situ SEM and compared the fracture surface with tensile loading test [24-26] based on a self-developed micro robotic mechanical testing system.
In this way, as an experimental study, the maximum torques for torsion fracture in mini-implants from three different, commercially available Brazilian manufacturers, and their correlation with the manufacturers and recommended torque, were evaluated.
Most bending fractures occurred in young men (20-30 yrs) and the torsion fractures affected men and women of about 40 equally.