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torque wrench,

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Pasternack Enterprises' PE5019-XX series of break-over torque wrenches allow accurate mating force (measured in "in-lbs") when assembling and disassembling a variety of RF coaxial connectors.
The necessarily high output pressures are comfortably within the range of the Enerpac SQD-50 torque wrenches which feature maximum torque of 3,550 ft.
Loudermilk says that, whether evaluated in terms of power or time, the Enerpac hydraulic torque wrenches made a bottom-line contribution to one of AET Film's most important measurements: production efficiency on a world-class scale.
ISO standard 6789:2003 specifies the calibration requirements for torque wrenches at one year or 5,000 cycles (each time torque is applied to a fastener equals one cycle).
The company's hydraulic bolting product lines include Dura-Lite hydraulic torque wrenches, LDF Torque wrenches, subsea bolt tensioners, hydraulic nut splitters, flange pullers and flange spreaders.
Easy-to-install Andrew Positive Stop(TM) Connectors require no special tools or torque wrenches and are fully tightened in less than one rotation.
The company is a major producer of wrenches, torque wrenches, socket sets and specialty forgings sold principally to the Czechoslovak industrial market.
With these superior voltage measurement features, these new industrial ADCs can be used in bridge transducer digitizers as well as thermocouple applications such as panel meters, 4-to-20mA temperature and pressure transmitters, electronic torque wrenches and other automated manufacturing tools.
It holds patents on mechanical and electronic torque wrenches, as well as torque calibration devices.
The privately owned firm vends hydraulic torque wrenches in addition to pumps and accessories.
Tenders are invited for Procurement Of Torque Wrenches And Tools For Precision Cutting Stripping Of Specialised Cables For Details Kindly Refer Tender Document
It extends our product and service offers to the motor vehicle segment and general industry, and ensures we become a more complete supplier of torque wrenches within quality assurance.