torque driver

torque driver (tork),

n an electronic or manual instrument used to apply a rotational force.
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I recently talked to a guy who claimed one of his scopes slipped with 20 inch-pounds of torque on the ring-screws, so now he used 27 inch-pounds, but I would bet a new set of Talley rings his torque driver isn't very accurate.
Uniformity and reproducibility of clamping pressure are said to be ensured by the use of a pre-set torque driver to tighten the sample clamps.
With screw flexibility of up to 45 conical degrees and a corresponding low torque driver, PYRENEES also combines the benefits of multidirectional screw placement with a rigid plate, for optimal stability yet flexibility.
Borka Tools is owned by Boris Teper, a truly ingenious fellow who designed the Multi Torque Driver.
Ordinarily, however, the tool is supplied with the "military" grade torque driver kit, which includes TAB GEAR pouch and two adapters: 1/4" hex (male) to 1/4" square (male), and 1/4" square (female) to 3/8" square (male), needed to use the driver with the sockets.
At present, the company's portfolio comprehends electric tester screwdrivers, nut drivers, impact screwdrivers, magnetic screwdrivers, one-touch screwdrivers, precision screwdrivers, torque drivers, light-built-in screwdrivers, hammer drivers, and related tools, which are suitable for both professional and DIY use.