torque driver

torque driver (tork),

n an electronic or manual instrument used to apply a rotational force.
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The steering torque results in Figure 4(b) indicate that driver may lose control of the vehicle in the event of EPAS failure, considering the fact that maximum steering torque driver needs to apply goes from 10 to 27 Nm.
I recently talked to a guy who claimed one of his scopes slipped with 20 inch-pounds of torque on the ring-screws, so now he used 27 inch-pounds, but I would bet a new set of Talley rings his torque driver isn't very accurate.
Leupold recommends 18-22 inch pounds, so get a torque driver from Brownells (brownells.
Uniformity and reproducibility of clamping pressure are said to be ensured by the use of a pre-set torque driver to tighten the sample clamps.
The new torque driver allows the practitioner to avoid the risks of over- or undertightened screws and offers the benefits of complete sterilization.
With screw flexibility of up to 45 conical degrees and a corresponding low torque driver, PYRENEES also combines the benefits of multidirectional screw placement with a rigid plate, for optimal stability yet flexibility.
Borka Tools is owned by Boris Teper, a truly ingenious fellow who designed the Multi Torque Driver.
Screw extractors, torque drivers, ratchet screwdrivers and other related products can also be found in the store.
At present, the company's portfolio comprehends electric tester screwdrivers, nut drivers, impact screwdrivers, magnetic screwdrivers, one-touch screwdrivers, precision screwdrivers, torque drivers, light-built-in screwdrivers, hammer drivers, and related tools, which are suitable for both professional and DIY use.
Custom 465 stainless can be used in a variety of instrument applications, such as for torque drivers, minimally invasive instruments and various hand-held tools where traditional alloys such as Custom 630 and Custom 455 stainless may not always be an optimal choice for these applications when high strength combined with excellent ductility is required.
These stations may include pick-and-place mechanisms, robots, torque drivers, and other devices that a system may need, including welders, ovens, and plybonders.