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Herbal medicine
(1) Potentilla erecta; erect cinquefoil, see there.
(2) Potentilla reptans, a perennial herb; it is antidiarrhoeal, antipyretic, astringent and tonic, and has been used to treat nasal and oral bleeding, sore throat and toothaches.
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Vennat B, Bos MA, Pourrat A, Bastide P (1994) Procyanidins from tormentil: fractionation and study of the anti-radical activity towards superoxide anion.
However, I have had much success with the remedy Tormentil Complex, 15 drops, twice a day, after meals together with Bowel Essence, a flower remedy which will also be very helpful.
Tresgl y moch (Potentilla erecta, tormentil) a'r gruw (Thymus politrichus, wild thyme) oedd i'w gweld ar y llwybrau ac ambell i ddafad yn ceisio rhyngu byw ar y cynefin caled yma.
A START a six-week course of Tormentil complex - 15 drops three times daily - before meals and drink lots of bio-natural yoghurts.
The remedy Tormentil Complex at a dose of 15 drops after meals and the remedy Bowel Essence at a dose of 5-10 drops will help.
If diarrhoea is a problem, the herb Tormentil can be helpful.
Start a six-week course of Tormentil complex 15 drops three times daily with Arsenicum Album 30c, 1 tablet twice a day.
Following the way marked path close to Afon Lloer (themoon river), we walked for a kilometre across moor land studded with the white stars of heath bedstraw and yellow tormentil,before reaching the eastern ridge leading to Pen yr Olau Wen (Hillof the White Light).
Take the remedy Tormentil Complex, at a dose of 15 drops, last thing at night.
But, just in case, don't leave without tormentil complex for its anti-diarrhoea properties.
An essential 'holiday herbal' is the A.Vogel Tormentil Complex from Bioforce.
This is a familiar wild plant throughout Europe, including Britain, on grassy lane verges and heaths, with yellow flowers and the common name of tormentil.