toric lens

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to·ric lens

a lens in which both meridians are curved but not to the same degree.
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This was confirmed on determining the residual power; a toric lens along new meridians augmented the compensation at T and yielded the power of the prescription at P.
“By offering the TRULIGN Toric lens, we have increased the choices that our cataract patients can consider that allow them to not only replace their clouded lens, but significantly enhance their overall vision,” added Dr.
Therefore, we measured postoperative refraction and postoperative refractive error for the standard calculator and compared the predicted target refraction and the suggested intraocular toric lens power between the calculators.
The toric lens market segment now accounts for about 18% of all U.S.
The design and stabilisation of a new toric lens may be substantially different to that used previously by the same manufacturer, and it is always worth bearing this in mind when upgrading a patient to, for example, a newer material, in case the new lens performs differently.
Others may consider the patient's astigmatic correction to be too low to require a toric lens or suppose that astigmatism can be masked with spherical lenses.
The most recent UK study of contact lens retention among new wearers found no significant difference in discontinuation rates at one year between patients wearing toric and spherical lenses, 78% versus 73%, respectively, again attributed to a general improvement in toric designs and growing confidence in fitting this type of lens, (10) with poor distance vision still being the primary reason for toric lens wearers dropping out.
The slit beam will rotate through 180[degrees] so toric lens rotation can be measured accurately off the protractor scale.
The new tool aims to support fitting of the 'clariti' family of toric lenses which include the world's only silicone hydrogel, daily disposable toric lens, a reusable option and a custom-made reusable XR lens.
In this situation, a back surface toric lens will be fitted to negate the irregular corneal topography.