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A regional term; one designating a region as distinguished from the name of a structure, system, or organ.
[topo- + G. onyma, name]
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Such "onomastic intervention" into the critical toponymy might have revealed some new contexts, relationships, and correlations between the dynamic urban toponymic landscapes and political power.
For example, Finnish linguists Saulo Kepsu and Timo Alanen have found toponymic proof that the first inhabitants of Helsinki must have come from the region of Hame (evidence is seen in the name Konala, previously Konhola, which presumably echoes the name Konho of a place situated in Hame County) (Ainiala, Saarelma, Sjoblom 2012 : 48).
Through the systematic renaming of the toponymic landscape, and negative names for traditional institutions (for example witchdoctor for a herbalist) the colonists passed a vote of no confidence in African indigenous knowledge systems.
The second half of the book explores with greater depth the fluid and reactive nature of Columbus's toponymic discourse.
Amerikaanse, Zweedse ('-e after toponymic adjective') This paper focusses on the forms a-e.
Stern speculates, "the addition to the names of the toponymic Sidon was probably meant to convey an assurance of quality by invoking associations with the city's fame, not only as a glass- making center but also as a glass- working center."
The production of linguistic landscapes thus operates as part of the symbolic construction of the public space, one that includes toponymic (ie, place naming) policies and strategies.
Clark, I and Laura Kostanski 2005 'Reintroducing Indigenous placenames--lessons from Gariwerd, Victoria, Australia or how to address toponymic dispossession in ways that celebrate cultural diversity and inclusiveness', abstract submitted to Names in Time and Space: Twenty Second International Congress of Onomastic Sciences, 28 August-4 September, Universita Di Pisa, Italy.
Section 9.1 of the Charter is amended by adding the following sentence at the end of the first paragraph: 'In exercising those freedoms and rights, a person shall also maintain a proper regard for the values of equality between women and men and the primacy of the French language, as well as the separation of religions and State and the religious neutrality and secular nature of the State, while making allowance for the emblematic and toponymic elements of Quebec's cultural heritage that testify to its history.'
Ironical periphrastic antonomasias expose native places, culinary preferences of the target, as for the Minister of Tourism, called in the press "princess of Plescoi sausages." The toponymic clue has a ridiculous sonority, while the indication for reading goes into the depreciative direction due to the lack of refinement of the said product.
Geographies of Toponymic Inscriptions: New Directions in Critical Place-Name Studies.