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A regional term; one designating a region as distinguished from the name of a structure, system, or organ.
[topo- + G. onyma, name]
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The comparative transferred name Siberi occurs repeatedly in the Estonian toponym list.
and toponyms on an existing Indigenous cultural landscape and brought
Toponym Liinamagi 'town/fort hill' of 17 of the sites referred directly to strongholds (some sites have more than one place-name).
There are fascinating findings about, for example, the way naming patterns differed between the First/Second Settlement and the Melanesian Mission stage of Norfolk's history (49-52), and how Norf k or Mota words have been incorporated into phrasal toponyms (52-6).
It shows the coast correctly and in detail, but several toponyms differ from later maps and may have been errors.
Based on the coding schemas discussed previously, the dependent variable "toponym" is binary.
Twelve of the 21 toponyms Franklin assigned in the Yukon, a remarkable proportion, were chosen to honour natural philosophers or savants, people we would today call scientists (Table 1).
(85) Thus, while Wheatley's (86) observation that the name Taruma originated in the Indian sub-continent is correct--eleventh-century Tarumapuram--his observation that in West Java it 'may not have been uninfluenced by the existence of a local toponym' can also be reversed, leading to the extension of the Tamil meaning of tarumam to the pre-existing name of the river: this would fit the Sundanese sense of humour, and their delight in playing with their language.
ANSWERS: Singapore; 2 Making and selling candles; 3 Some Like It Hot; 4 York; 5 Toponym; 6 What's New Pussycat; 7 Baywatch; 8 I think, therefore I am; 9 The cobra; 10 Manchester.
The discovery of the remains of the canal elevates the importance of the toponym Pi-ha-hirot and its location; it requires a reconsideration of the dates, now necessitating an alignment with the biblical narrative.