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1. Synonym(s): regional anatomy
2. The study of the dimensions of personality.
[topo- + G. logos, study]
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n. pl. topolo·gies
1. Topographic study of a given place, especially the history of a region as indicated by its topography.
2. Medicine The anatomical structure of a specific area or part of the body.
3. Mathematics
a. The study of certain properties that do not change as geometric figures or spaces undergo continuous deformation. These properties include openness, nearness, connectedness, and continuity.
b. The underlying structure that gives rise to such properties for a given figure or space: The topology of a doughnut and a picture frame are equivalent.
4. Computers The arrangement in which the nodes of a network are connected to each other.

top′o·log′ic (tŏp′ə-lŏj′ĭk), top′o·log′i·cal (-ĭ-kəl) adj.
top′o·log′i·cal·ly adv.
to·pol′o·gist n.
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1. In obstetrics, the relationship of the presenting fetal part to the pelvic outlet.
2. In mathematics, the study of the relationships between objects that share a surface or a common border.
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Thus [[F.sup.t] : t [member of] R} and [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] are topologically conjugate.
This entire process creates 13 topologically correct and geometrically consistent grade-separated polygon layers, each of which has an attribute describing the school or schools that supply services to a grade-specific attendance boundary.
In X, a point x is said to be a vg-[T.sub.0]-limit point of A if each vg-open set containing x contains some point y of A such that vg[bar.{x}] [not equal to] vg[bar.{y}], or equivalently, such that they are topologically distinct with respect to vg-open sets.
The authors would like to thank Hugo Ledoux and Martijn Maijers from TU Delft for their help generating the topologically correct 3D city model.
We end with Section 7, where we discuss known properties of [[PHI].sub.n](x) that manifest themselves topologically.
The data was structured and stored in the temporal database while Coimbatore city digital map at a scale of 1:25000 was being uploaded and topologically structured using Arc view software.
These topologically correct isosurfacing methods cannot be directly applied to interval volume tetrahedrization due to the high complexity of the tetrahedrization for a cube.
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If A is topologically regular (A is the closure of its interior) and convex, it is also full-dimensional.
Topologically speaking, a left-hand glove is a right-hand glove pulled through infinity.
Viewed topologically, the surface of a ball is always a sphere, even when the ball is very deformed: precise geometric shapes are not important in topology.
When a "straight line" is extended, its ends eventually meet so that, topologically, it becomes a circle.

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