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The procedure can be performed with topical anesthesia and without donor-site morbidity.
Comparison of topical anesthesia of 20% benzocaine and 60% lidocaine gel.
Moreover, nearly all subjects were reported to find the IDDS acceptable treatment demonstrating not only its therapeutic effects, but overall acceptability for administrating topical anesthesia.
A prospective, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of topical anesthesia during colposcopy was performed at a teaching site for the Harrisburg Family Practice Residency Program.
One of the benefits of this new topical anesthesia technique is the elimination of the temporary double vision and drooping eyelid that sometimes occurs with a needle-injected anesthetic.
17) Katzen and Fox (18) have described a procedure using only topical anesthesia along with cautery.
It was done only with topical anesthesia, making this a viable procedure to deliver medications to the retina and choroid.
This time, she came to our hospital for a routine gastroscopy (only lidocaine topical anesthesia was used in the throat; propofol was not included) in November 10, 2016.
We would engage in conversation while I wait for the topical anesthesia to take effect.
5 W) was done by just touching the lesion under topical anesthesia," according to the study.
1) Retrobulbar or peribulbar anesthesia plus topical anesthesia (alone or with intracameral anesthesia) are commonly used for local anesthesia.