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Both The Pea-Pickers and White Topee arose directly from life experience.
I wanted to use the money to build a home for unmarried mothers, but I'm afraid I bought a new suit, a white topee, a few clean clothes for the children, oh and the party.
Sola Topee is owned by Maundrell's neighbour Cathy Cochran (US-born but long domiciled in Britain), but Bally Wirral is his own.
Eve Langley is known in histories of Australian literature as the author of two novels: The Pea-Pickers (1942) and White Topee (1954).
In her two published novels, the Prior Prize-winning The Pea Pickers (1942), and its sequel White Topee (1954), Eve Langley engaged in subversive gender games and resignifications, including cross-dressing and picaresque adventures that could still be accommodated within the mainstream of relatively conventional narratives.
Ordered to return to Almora, they chanced upon a few British officials on tour dressed in khaki shorts and topees who totally ignored them, "because we had not been introduced, were unshaven and unkempt.