top-down approach

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top-down ap·proach

(top-down ă-prōch')
An up-to-date view on assessment and intervention, which is centered on the needs of the patient. It begins the performance outcome as a totality rather than an assessment of level of the so-called splinter skills that contribute to the performance or the outcome.
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A 2-year, randomized European trial showed that a top-down approach, combining early immunosuppression with infliximab (Remicade) and azathioprine (Imuran in Canada, Azasan in the United States) followed by azathioprine monotherapy and, if necessary, additional infliximab and corticosteroids, was more effective than step-up management for induction of remission and reduction of steroids in the short term (Lancet 2008;371:660-7).
The top-down approach uses business strategy to identify the core competencies of the business and the business processes that are required to support them.
Lena Ek (ALDE, Sweden), however, criticised the top-down approach taken by the Commission.
But softball questions (along with a stage-managed scene of Chavez tottering on a kid's bike in his childhood backyard) make for an uncritical, top-down approach to understanding a populist movement.
She says while men generally opt for a "transactional" style, involving a top-down approach and managing staff only when things go wrong, women tend to employ "trasformational" tactics, managing through teamwork and focusing on employees at all times, rather than waiting for a problem.
Steve Allkins, group managing director for Chase Midland and main board director with responsibility for health and safety, said: "Chase takes a top-down approach to health and safety, which has consistently resulted in us surpassing the industry average for accident frequency rates.
We have to ensure that we change the culture of health boards so the secretive, top-down approach is done away with.
Over the past six months, FERF has published 18 research reports, alerts and articles, including a survey on income tax disclosures and a top-down approach to risk management and internal control, based on input from technical committees and chapters.
We're not using the top-down approach, we're using the innovators approach," says Duchesne.
The top-down approach enables the auditor to focus early in the process on matters that may have an effect on the auditor's later decisions about scope and testing strategy, such as company-level controls.
Using a top-down approach to the civil-rights movement, Bruce J.
Endorsed by WowWee, Robosapien's manufacturer, this manual opens with the designer's remarks on how this type of robotics represents a grassroots rather than top-down approach for both PC and Mac users.