top-down approach

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top-down ap·proach

(top-down ă-prōch')
An up-to-date view on assessment and intervention, which is centered on the needs of the patient. It begins the performance outcome as a totality rather than an assessment of level of the so-called splinter skills that contribute to the performance or the outcome.
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"Some argue that the Hanoi summit concluding without an agreement demonstrates the limits of the top-down approach, but looking back at what we have done in the past year, it is clear that the top-down approach is still very valid and the limitations do not outweigh the merits," Lee said.
While the top-down approach gave the United States access to the ultimate decision-maker in North Korea, it can only work if complemented with a robust working-level process.
He added: 'Thus, we call on the DOLE to set aside their top-down approach and instead initiate a dialogue with respective of affected workers to get their real-life grievances and concerns.'
Meloto, speaking to an international gathering of delegates from about 20 countries including Malaysia, France, the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany, said one of the things to disrupt was the top-down approach to helping the poor.
In this research, graphene oxide nanosheets are produced through electrochemical method in a top-down approach, and this method does not have Hummer's method's problems.
"IRRs provide financial professionals with a streamlined, top-down approach of assessing retirement savings and income goals without having to calculate and project individual line-item expenses," said Ron Mastrogiovanni, Founder & CEO of HealthView Services.
"Examples abound in most urban environments" of "desire lines" which "clearly show where the designer of a public space has failed to account for how people would wish to use it."The National Palace of Culture has thus fallen into a group of buildings illustrating a top-down approach of "subordinating people to a wider vision" described at the beginning of the text.
A new strategy has been proposed with the aim of altering the disease course and slow progression by re versing the treatment paradigm from a step-up to a top-down approach.
BCICAI chairman Meenakshi Sundaram said Mr Raja reiterated the importance of improving the infrastructure including power sector for ensuring the projected growth in the Indian economy, whereas the key takeaway from Mr Raghunathan's presentation was that information security needed a "top-down approach" from the top management for better results.
"The anticipated regulatory approach is simply a mismatch for the new technology, a top-down approach based on laws created in the 1950s to prevent midair passenger jet collisions," Brendan Schulman, a New York attorney who specializes in laws governing unmanned aircraft, told The Washington Post.
Still, most respondents treat their cyber and privacy security with a top-down approach. Information technology teams were most involved in the review and management of overall cyber/ privacy risks, followed by the firm's management group, general counsel and risk management team.
But he will also say that the old, top-down approach that Labour has taken in the past is not enough.