toothbrush head

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tooth·brush head

(tūth'brŭsh hed)
That part of the implement composed of the tufts and the stock (extension of the handle to which tufts are attached).
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The innovation of the proposed toothbrush head consists of retractile bristles groups that can be inserted on both manual and electrical handles, and any number of bristles and any type of head geometry can be adapted.
Then, the group turned to making vibrobots with tiny batteries, pager motors and toothbrush heads.
The survey also found that women say they change their toothbrush or power toothbrush head every 3-4 months on average, yet men hang on to theirs an average of 5 months.
Besides the flossing attachment, there is also a toothbrush head and a tongue-cleaning attachment.
It is also offering a free replacement toothbrush head for every base returned.
With the EVO brush, consumers can upload a favorite song and a 90-day reminder that alerts them to replace the toothbrush head. The EVO model is unique in that it provides the latest oral care innovation "while making brushing fun, " a Brush Buddies spokesman said.
Effectively, what you have designed is simply a toothbrush head which screws on to the top of a tube of toothpaste.
The $99.95 Personal Model is the basic-priced Sonicare toothbrush and includes an individual toothbrush head with travel cap, handle and charger.