tooth eruption

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tooth eruption

the final stage of odontogenesis, in which a tooth breaks out from its crypt through surrounding tissue.


1. Passage of a tooth through the alveolar process and perforation of the gingiva.
2. A breaking out, especially the appearance of lesions on the skin.
[L. e-rumpo, pp. -ruptus, to break out]


1. the act of breaking out, appearing or becoming visible, as eruption of the teeth.
2. visible efflorescent lesions of the skin due to disease, with redness, prominence, or both; a rash.

creeping eruption
see cutaneous larva migrans.
drug eruption
see drug eruption.
tooth eruption
used in veterinary medicine as a guide to an animal's age.
grouped tooth eruption
permanent posterior teeth erupting side by side with no replacement horizontally.
sequential tooth eruption
permanent posterior teeth replaced by craniad movement of caudal teeth; seen in macropods and elephants.
tooth eruption times
see Table 19.
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Bromage and Dean, on the other hand, attempt to estimate the time over which tooth eruption takes place.
The pattern of tooth eruption is, however, only part of the story.
Counting the number of microscopic enamel ridges on teeth at a given point in tooth eruption, say Bromage and Dean, permits comparisons of the rate of dental development of modern humans, apes and hominids.
Symptom data included twice-daily temperature measurements, the presence or absence of 18 different symptoms, and all tooth eruptions.
Two robust australopithecine species, members of a group that split from the human lineage and eventually became extinct, share a unique tooth eruption pattern "that is only superficially human-like,' says Smith.
To our knowledge, a case like the one described herein, involving enamel and dentine dysplasia, lack of tooth eruption and deterioration of unerupted teeth with a complex medical history has not been described previously.
The patient has been treated at the TAKO-centre since she was 5-years-old when she was first referred by her general dental practitioner for problems with tooth eruption.
All affected family members were known to have suppression of tooth eruption and defective eyesight, and the individuals in the second and third generation also had gingival hyperplasia.
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