tooth contour

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tooth con·tour

(tūth kontūr)
Outline or form of a tooth surface.
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To reconstruct the complete tooth model from CT images (Figure 3(a)), tooth contours (Figure 3(c)) are first segmented from transverse section slice-by-slice (Figure 3(b)) using the hybrid level set-based method [8, 9], and 3D tooth surface model (Figure 3(d)) is reconstructed from the segmented tooth contours using the Marching Cube algorithm [17].
The entire process of (1) scanning the chewing gum with the NextEngine laser scanner, (2) re-creating virtual tooth contours from the impressions in the gum, and (3) uploading the 3-D digital file of the gum to the rapid prototyping site (with online ordering of deliverable solid models) took less than 10 minutes.
Therefore, it is necessary to use the natural outline as a model during the reconstruction of the tooth contour, (5) aiming at obtaining a satisfactory rehabilitation.