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Key Words: Tooth wear, Tooth abrasion, Tooth attrition, Tooth erosion.
Among the acquired morphological characteristics, which differentiate men from women, tooth abrasion is the most important.
She also noted that a toothbrush with soft bristles is recommended as it will not cause gradual tooth abrasion.
Medical history of potential oral symptoms associated with GERD was carefully collected and the following parameters was evalu- ated; brushing method, dental erosion, dental sensitivity, loss of dental structure because of abnormal attrition (clenching or bruxing of one tooth surface against another), physical wear by extraneous objects such as toothbrushes, also known as tooth abrasion, alteration of the mucosa.
Tooth abrasion and pigmentation are produced by chewing the betel or areca nuts over a long period.
Because depressed patients often lose interest in oral hygiene, and patients with mania can cause tooth abrasion and gingival injury by brushing and flossing excessively, oral health care providers must be able to recognize the signs of various mood disorders and refer patients for evaluation and treatment.
19,20) The mandibular central incisors were affected after six months (20) and two years (19) of usage, but no tooth abrasion was observed in these cases.
20) Other complications, such as chipped or fractured teeth (19,23,27) interproximal bone loss, (26) tooth abrasion and galvanic currents produced by the jewelry, and lingual gingival trauma, (18,19) have been observed in patients with tongue piercings.
Grinding or gnashing the teeth is common in people with developmental disabilities, which can lead to tooth abrasion, periodontal disease, or a jaw joint disorder causing headaches or facial pain.
This habit, continued consciously or unconsciously over a period of time, can cause tooth abrasion and loss of tooth structure.
2) Cervical tooth wear or tooth abrasion is defined as the loss of tooth substance that occurs in the absence of carious mechanisms at the cementoenamel junction of a tooth.
Tooth abrasion in unilateral Posterior crossbite in the deciduous dentition.