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(1) See Endowed professorship
(2) A non-sexist term for chairman, chairwoman or chairperson—i.e., the presiding officer in an organisation; in academics, the ‘chair’ is often a full professor responsible for the department’s academic, clinical, administrative and research activities


1. See Endowed professorship.
2. A non-sexist sobriquet for the chairman, -woman or -person, ie the presiding officer in an organization; in academics, the 'chair' is often a full professor responsible for the academic, clinical, administrative and research activities of the department. Cf Endowed chair, Professor.

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Q. Do you want to end because of a vaccination in a wheel chair? It is already about 12 years ago. I met a mother with her kids. One came always in a wheel chair to the services. His terrible story is still in my mind. It could be shown, that because of a vaccination he got the cytomegalovirus infection (CMV) and then spastic paralysis.

A. Corrigendum: If you know somebody speaking German and English who could...

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However, a small piece of history was made in 2000 when a woman took the chair at the club for a celebration dinner in honour of the Queen Mother's 100th birthday.
He won The Richard Burton prize in 1990, when he was 17, took the chair and Urdd scholarship in 1991, and received the Llwyd o'r Bryn award in 1992.
Pauline Gee took the chair and welcomed members from Linthwaite.
AS a tennis umpire, Scots teacher John Frame took the chair in three Wimbledon men's singles finals.
Geraint Roberts took the chair at Eisteddfod Gadeiriol Y Ffor,near Pwllheli,at the weekend.
Rhian Gwawr,16,from Llangernyw, took the chair at this weekend's event.
Lord Fraser took the chair while Hendry and Brown spent 40 minutes outside the the Edinburgh hotel as their fate was decided.
He took the chair two weeks ago after Mr Denis Cassidy quit in what was seen as a protest against the pair's return to the board.
Mr Morgan could head a Labour government with a majority of one, 30 seats to 29, if Plaid's Lord Dafydd Elis Thomas, or another opposition AM, took the chair as nonvoting Presiding Officer.