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[L. nota, a mark]
1. A sound of definite pitch.
2. A brief comment or condensed report.


n a category of aromatic components of essential perfumes and oils. See also base note, body note, middle note, and top note.

Patient discussion about note

Q. I need to know what needs to be noted in a bipolar, which if unnoticed, will have serious consequences? One of my distant relative who is a bipolar is now an alcoholic…’s dangerous to handle him for the kind of problems he creates to his friends and family………..maybe he is not responsible for all these…..but I need to know what needs to be noted in a bipolar, which if unnoticed, will have serious consequences?

A. Merkel- they tend to stop medication without consulting the doc. this can be a dangerous act, could lead to a major depression. you should notice it ASAP cause stopping can even cause suicidal thoughts.

Q. I was shocked to note that vaccination in the children could cause autism too. Is that true? Very recently I have delivered a cute male baby and I could see a change in me after my delivery in the sense that I always think about him. My sister’s son who is 5 years old is diagnosed with Autism and I just can’t see the sufferings of my sister with him. She experiences difficulty in almost all dealings with him right from brushing, giving bah and making him to study….etc. Now I fear that my son should not get in to autism although I know that this is too early to think about disorder in my son. But as my sister’s son got in to this disorder, this has affected me a lot. Hope you can understand my feelings towards my baby. When I browsed through the net, I was shocked to note that vaccination in the children could cause autism too. Is that true? Can I get some idea…..

A. Hey! I appreciate your care for the new born. But to be honest, fearing at this stage will only trouble you and your baby in the sense that your emotions could catch your baby especially when you breast feed. I want you to be cheerful so as to bring up a healthy child. The signs of autism in the new born are something which should not be thought about at this stage. All you may have to think is to bring up him nicely without any disease. As regards vaccinations that could create autism in children, there is no proof that a vaccine causes Autism. It is only a belief and all the children are vaccinated and not all get autism. It is not a fair idea to suspect vaccination as vaccinations are administered in a new born child after carrying out the necessary tests.

Q. I was shocked to note that genes play a vital role in building muscles Is this possible? I am , 20 years old. I am always dreaming to build muscle like my favorite hero who maintains 8 abs. Anybody can dream but to live that dream is a difficult task. Out of curiosity, I had discussed my desire to build muscles with my friends. But I was shocked to note that genes play a vital role in building muscles. My family doesn’t have a history of muscles and this fact has put me in to a difficult situation. Is this possible…If so, how can I live my dream? If the family doesn’t have a history of muscle growth, then what happens to the generation which follows them? I need a positive feedback to my query……

A. there's a genetic potential for fitness, like there is a genetic connection and potential for inelegance. but no matter how smart are your parents- if you won't study you won't live that potential, and some one who doesn't have that genetic ability and will study- will be better. the same thing with physical fitness.

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The statement also noted that the council has received and took note of reports of cultism and other related activities in the state, and restated its call on landlords to properly scrutinize their prospective tenants before accommodating them.
The Bank Board took note of NBS's Medium-Term Forecast (MTF-2017Q3) and approved the Bank Board's Opinion on MTF-2017Q3.
They also took note of a letter from Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to His Highness the Prime Minister on cementing bilateral ties.
Earlier the Municipality also took note of Heritage Party representative Armen Martirosyan's application to hold protest actions
We obviously took note of the speech, but we have to judge (North Korea) not by its words but by its actions," State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said during a daily briefing.
The Council took note of a Commission report on present the state of preparation of the thematic strategy on the urban environment.
We have listened to what the users wanted and took note of the features of the off-the-shelf systems they actually used and combined them into docLibrarian.
He took note of "the very cunning, insidious, and extremely expensive propaganda campaign" being waged by the medical establishment against health-care reform.
The review also took note of PictuRescue(TM), a photo and film reconstruction system built into the i900 that includes DIGITAL ICE Photo Print Technology to fix damaged photos, and ColoRescue(TM) to restore faded color to photos and film.
Member states also took note of a report by the Chair of the Coordination Committee, the governing body responsible for staff matters, to end their discussions on the UNs Office of Internal Oversight Services (OIOS) investigation into allegations against the Director General.
The cabinet then took note of a message by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon who thanked the State of Kuwait for approving the Doha amendment for the Kyoto Protocol regarding the UN climate change framework agreement, as well as for Kuwait's hosting of the international humanitarian pledging conference for Syria and its donation of USD 300 million for the Syrian people.
In balancing the equities the Court took note of the Department of Finance's duty to produce accurate and timely assessments.