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That which is omitted, excluded, or set apart.
[L. excipio, to exclude]
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United captain Roy Keane took exception to what he thought was Arsenal counterpart Patrick Vieira trying to intimidate Reds defender Gary Neville.
Tory MP and Leave backer Nadhim Zahawi took exception to the remarks, saying: "You must withdraw and apologise to Gisela.
s upporters took exception to s upporters took exception to the Sky Blues boss's insistence the Sky Blues boss's insistence that he was proud of his players who he said, "to a man, couldn't have given more to the team." They were particularly upset by his use of the adjectives "tremendous" to describe his side's courage in dominating long periods of the game and describing their energy levels as "fantastic."
Fergie took exception to the England Under-21 international having a dig at a team-mate during a game and 'had words' in the dressing room.
Only a couple of weeks ago Mr Vause took exception to mental hospitals being called asylums, seemingly finding this term offensive.
Later, on the way home the road had been opened, it was empty in front and only one driver behind who took exception to the fact I was travelling at the requested limit of 40mph.
Hull's owners Assem and Ehab Allam took exception to the comments and yesterday confirmed Barmby's dismissal, claiming the former England international has misled fans with his comments.
When boss Duncan Edwards at Bodyguards Personal Fitness Service in Jesmond, Newcastle, said that as part of our Great North Fitness Revolution campaign we were looking for one of their more elderly clients to highlight how keeping fit is for everyone, she took exception to the phrase.
Chief Insp Geoff Logan, of Newcastle Area Command, said: "This woman rightly took exception to his behaviour and he retaliated by slapping her in the face.
I took exception to Nandi Opio's letter, "Excusing dictators" (NA Oct).
The EC, however, took exception to the incident, terming it as violation of the model code of conduct - a set of dos and don'ts supposed to be observed by all political parties and candidates between declaring of elections and its completion.