too numerous to count

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too nu·mer·ous to count

(TNTC) (nūmĕr-ŭs kownt)
Chart marking that indicates the finding of a large number of discrete objects, usually cells in a urine specimen, the precise enumeration of which is not practicable.
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He refers to yet another section, next to the Sunburst, as a magnificent system of crossed arcs, the middle strewn with faint stars too numerous to count.
In support of this, sporadic very high levels ("too numerous to count" or TNTC) were found four times for the sponge, twice for the mop and toilet basin, and once each for the main light switch, the bathroom floor, and the bathroom sink.
TO answer D Hall's letter (Mail, October 2), on September 19 we went on a coach tour to Arnhem to the 70th Anniversary of the Airborne Battle at Arnhem Bridge and one of the striking things we noticed was the number of cycles, too numerous to count.
Ollikkala of Worcester; along with many nieces, nephews, cousins and cherished friends too numerous to count.In lieu of flowers, Judy's family asks that Memorial Contributions be made in her name to either the Burbank Hospital School of Nursing Alumni Association c/o 71 Roosevelt St.
Major environmental issues currently confronting Pakistan include climate change, water, energy, pollution and waste management, salinity and water logging, irrigated agriculture, biodiversity and more that are too numerous to count. Pakistan, being one of the highly vulnerable countries to climate change impact, has to bear the brunt of its effects.
" Too Numerous To Count ( TNTC) flies were observed throughout the sample preparation room, and laboratory reagent/ equipment/ documentation storage cabinets were found to be broken and uncloseable," the FDA inspection report states.
sweet like a pomegranate- seeds too numerous to count, too layered to
And the examples for that are too numerous to count.
The problems and dilemmas confronting Pakistan's leadership -- including a deepening vortex of mutual suspicions, sectarian killings and brazen terrorism -- are almost too numerous to count. And that leadership -- whether it is civilian, military or judiciary (which has now become increasingly active politically) -- has proven congenitally ineffective, leaving the country with a broken economy and a political system that is paralyzed.
The pilots of Bomber Command won 23 Victoria Crosses and other medals too numerous to count and yet it has taken 70 years to give them a memorial.
CIE Tours International president, Brian W Stack, said, 'The reasons to visit Britain are far too numerous to count. However, it is clear our itineraries, especially our new Best of Britain tour, have never been more timely or exciting.'