too numerous to count

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too nu·mer·ous to count

(TNTC) (nūmĕr-ŭs kownt)
Chart marking that indicates the finding of a large number of discrete objects, usually cells in a urine specimen, the precise enumeration of which is not practicable.
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Too Numerous To Count ( TNTC) flies were observed throughout the sample preparation room, and laboratory reagent/ equipment/ documentation storage cabinets were found to be broken and uncloseable," the FDA inspection report states.
sweet like a pomegranate- seeds too numerous to count, too layered to
And the examples for that are too numerous to count.
The problems and dilemmas confronting Pakistan's leadership -- including a deepening vortex of mutual suspicions, sectarian killings and brazen terrorism -- are almost too numerous to count.
The pilots of Bomber Command won 23 Victoria Crosses and other medals too numerous to count and yet it has taken 70 years to give them a memorial.
CIE Tours International president, Brian W Stack, said, 'The reasons to visit Britain are far too numerous to count.
The benefits of a roof garden are almost too numerous to count.
Technology has changed our lives in ways too numerous to count, and as much as some may hate to admit, it has become our best friend.
Judge Parry added: "The personal tragedies that occur in North Wales from the abuse of heroin are too numerous to count.
Urinalysis found red blood cells too numerous to count.
It is not possible here to list the gripes of the people from Al-Mahara and Hadramout to Sa'ada, because they are simply too numerous to count, despite their lucidity and range.