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Glenn, 20th-century U.S. orthopedic surgeon. See: Blount-Barber disease.
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A professional who cuts (usually male) hair and shaves or trims facial hair
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Chapter 4 argues that, in seventeenth-century England, tonsorial discourse was revolutionary discourse: treatises on long, "shagged-headed" Cavaliers, closely trimmed Roundheads, and "metamorphosized" men who "crisp," "curl," and "frounce" their hair reveal that gender and politics were often intertwined in one's hairstyle (34, 143, 147).
It takes a man of tonsorial, not academic, practices to observe a glaring contradiction in Port William: Jayber Crow, the town barber sees people who love "good crops, good gardens, good livestock and work animals and dogs" sitting through "world-condemning sermons"; he hears "the wickedness of the flesh ...
The Sox took on a new self-proclaimed "idiot" persona, which included a bit of the leftover cowboy mentality from 2003 with the tonsorial flair to match.
Second, reference to "cosmetic or tonsorial service or treatment" has been replaced with the following: "service, treatment, advice, or instruction for the purpose of appearance or skin enhancement, hair removal or replacement, or personal grooming."
They mocked his tonsorial inelegance and questioned his international pedigree.
(Getting "Clean for Dean" is a lot less of a tonsorial challenge than getting "Clean for Gene" was in 1968, when Sam Brown was charged with tidying up the longhaired activists who flocked to New Hampshire to join the McCarthy campaign.
David, I'm sure, will enjoy similar tonsorial benefits if and when curly hair comes back into fashion.
Cole complemented his artistry on the mound with part-time work as a tonsorial artist, and proficiency in both professions soon earned him the nickname "Bay City Barber."
Leave aside the embarrassing question of what the tonsorial arts have to do with "immediacy" or passion.
Later, the Greek tonsorial parlor added shaving to its list of services which already included trimming and dressing the hair and beard as well as massage, first aid and minor surgery.
Suffice is it to say that this was enough to send the author in question straight to a hairdresser for what proved to be the most unflattering crop of his tonsorial career.
He's a Denver native, so he's steeped in history and he hangs out with his 99-year-old father at O'Brien's Tonsorial Parlor, which has to be a plus.