nonverbal communication

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the sending of information from one place or individual to another.
communication disorders mental disorders characterized by difficulties in speech or language severe enough to be a problem academically, occupationally, or socially; one such is stuttering.
impaired verbal communication a nursing diagnosis approved by the North American Nursing Diagnosis Association, defined as decreased, delayed, or absent ability of an individual to receive, process, transmit, or use a system of symbols.
nonverbal communication the transmission of a message without the use of words.
communication (omaha) in the omaha system, the exchange of verbal or nonverbal information.
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nonverbal communication

'Body language', see there.
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aug·men·ta·tive and al·ter·na·tive com·mun·i·ca·tion

(AAC) (awg-men'tă-tiv awl-tĕr'nă-tiv kă-myūn'i-kā'shŭn)
1. Any type of compensation for impaired use of verbal language, including techniques such as gesture systems and devices such as voice amplifiers, picture boards, and computerized instrumentation;
See also: communication board
2. The clinical practice of determining appropriate compensatory techniques for inadequate verbal communication and providing training in the use of those techniques.
Synonym(s): nonoral communication, nonverbal communication.
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The second most frequently noticed non-verbal cue was tone of voice. One of the patients said: "I would like to get my cannula changed by that nurse as she speaks so softly." Another patient said that: "The tone of voice of the doctors and nurses either motivates or de-motivates me to ask further questions."
When making decisions about whether to trust a speaker who has the same accent as us or not, the researchers discovered that the listeners could focus simply on the tone of voice. The areas of the brain that were activated were those involved in making inferences based on past experiences.
When you are in a market like engineering where the differentiations between the products are difficult, brands can make a difference in the communication of their values and their culture with a distinctive tone of voice.
The study is looking at messages babies understand from tone of voice. It hopes to find out more about the messages babies understand not only from words but also through tone.
As I developed my client's tone of voice, I realised how much this process has changed in recent years.
M bulk conferred by Big Coat, plus a gruff tone of voice, would be sufficiently intimidating, in a vague sort of way.
Our conversation was brief - his tone of voice made it obvious he didn't like working for free.
This is the army behind the parliamentarians of 'Golden Dawn,' who in good-neighborly and friendly tone of voice, without an ounce of nationalism, say that our country will disappear and decides who can or cannot enter Greece, Kostovska writes.
Remember, over half of what we understand in a conversation comes to us through non-verbal communication and another third or so comes through tone of voice. As the salesperson, your non-verbal communication should be positive, upbeat, confident and helpful.
Harris, a former teacher and principal who directs professional development and public relations at an elementary school, and Goldberg, an elementary special education instructional specialist, identify 75 solutions teachers can use for common classroom disruptions related to blurting out answers, comments, or questions at inappropriate times or in an inappropriate tone of voice; side talk during activities; rude or disrespectful behavior toward the teacher or peers; zoning out or lack of focus; and not trying or giving up easily when given a task or assignment.
Labelled 'The Treehouse Weekend Tone of Voice Primer', the Llanidloes workshops take a maximum of 12 participants.