tone deafness

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The preferred term for the inability to distinguish among different musical notes, making it impossible to sing or play a musical instrument; tone deafness.

Sensory amusia—The external input is defective, due to either:
• Inability to read musical notation (musical alexia, music blindness, musical blindness, note blindness, receptive amusia); or
• Inability to interpret musical sounds (a condition for which the term tone deafness is most appropriate).
Motor amusia—The internal component or ability to generate music is defective, divided into:
• Vocal amusia; and
• Instrumental amusia.
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tone deafness

The inability to detect differences in musical sounds.
Synonym: asonia
See also: deafness
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his tone deafness to theory; once he got the motor running smoothly he did not much care how or why" [p.
Unlike previous tone deafness tests which actually tested more sophisticated musical skills, this tests focuses solely on the question: are your ears working correctly when it comes to pitch?
It's an overgeneralization but sometimes there seems to be a sort of tone deafness that sets in when public employees make decisions about how to spend the public's money.
Tone deafness. In the era of Zen decorating, it's easy to bathe a room in a single shade of beige and call it done.
Rather, it has all the flat footedness and tone deafness of executives who can only see what they want to see without regard for how it's going to play out in the political arena and in the long term.
In the latest example of stunning tone deafness among the corporate swells, high-flying financiers will use these plush new luxury jets, and the company is also building a fancy new hangar to house them.
In fact there are few people who cannot sing, and tone deafness is fairly rare.
Rather, what she puts forth to validate her critical credentials is earnest tone deafness.
There's a fundamental tone deafness with our party when it comes to the environment.
Patrick's recent transformation from a campaigner with perfect political pitch to a leader showing signs of tone deafness is surprising, to say the least.