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tomato pomace
residual pulp after extraction of juice from tomato fruit.

Patient discussion about tomato

Q. Is it true that tomato seeds, eggplant seeds and the like are prone to causing appendicitis? Is it true that eating tomato with the seeds, eggplant with the seeds and the like are prone to causing appendicitis? Thanks again guys. You're all great.

A. No. Things with seeds are irritants to a condition called diverticulitis where pockets in the intestines become inflamed. the seeds sort of deposit there and become infected. Appendicitis is just an inflammation of your appendix plain and simple, no particular cause is really pinpointed.

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Tomato based products largely contain many essential nutrients and vitamins specially vitamin C, fibers, minerals and some other phytonutrients.
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When choosing any fresh tomatoes at the market or picking your own home-grown ones, the tomato should be unusually heavy, which indicates its ripeness, but still slightly firm to the touch.
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Salmonella did not grow on the tomato surface at 25 C.
To figure out how a type of dodder vine known to prefer tomato plants finds a victim, scientists placed dodder sprouts near several possible targets.
This species bedevils tomato growers in California, where it costs them an estimated $4 million a year in reduced yields.