toluidine blue O

to·lu·i·dine blue O

[C.I. 52040]
a blue basic dye, used as an antibacterial agent, as a nuclear stain, and to stain metachromatically certain structures (for example, the granules in mast cells; cartilage matrix that is rich in chondroitin sulfate), and in electrophoresis to stain RNA, RNase, and mucopolysaccharides; it also antagonizes the anticoagulant action of heparin.
See also: tolonium chloride.
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1 gm of Toluidine Blue O (sigma) and 100 mL of 70% alcohol were used to prepare Toluidine Blue stock solution.
The two most useful stains can be purchased ready-to-use from Carolina Biological: toluidine blue O (available as a 1% aqueous solution) and Lugol's solution ([I.sub.2]KI).