tolonium chloride

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to·lo·ni·um chlor·ide

(tō-lō'nē-ŭm klōr'īd),
The medicinal grade of toluidine blue O, used as an antiheparin compound.
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We are also very excited about the FDA's recent clearance to market our Zila(R) Tolonium Chloride marking product and we believe that this clearance will be beneficial to our efforts to build the market for ViziLite.
The unit will operate as a comprehensive research, development and licensing business specializing in precancer and cancer detection through Zila tolonium chloride, a patented technology.
Zila already holds several patents and has additional patent applications pending for the use of a specific dye, toluidine blue 0, or tolonium chloride, for the detection of oral cancer.
This new reporting group consists of the OraTest product, expenses related to clinical trials for OraTest, and the Tolonium Chloride technology.
During the third quarter of fiscal 2002, the company invested $1,018,000 in the OraTest(R)/Zila(R) Tolonium Chloride program, which encompasses the OraTest oral cancer detection product Phase III clinical trial, other OraTest research, and the broad Zila Tolonium Chloride research, development and manufacturing effort.