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Amphibious fluctuation tolerators - emergent (ATe) species can survive in saturated soil or shallow water but most of the plant must be above water (Casanova 2011).
In prudential (non-moral) reasons, the self-interest of the tolerator is the only reason to tolerate.
Women made up 78 percent of shopaholics, while shopaphobes (61 percent) and tolerators were mostly men (65 percent).
Stress tolerators are slow-growing, long-lived plants that are very conservative of resources.
Tolerators of sodomy have learned well from their brothers, the tolerators of prenatal infanticide.
By contrast, toleration as a modus vivendi is merely a practice accepted by the tolerators from a self-interested point of view.
We believe that the dominance of shade tolerators in the Amazonian caatingas reflects, in part, a long history without major disturbance: there is little likelihood of fire because the forest is waterlogged for much of the year, and the region is tectonically stable and unaffected by hurricanes (Coomes and Grubb 1996).