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tr.v. toler·ated, toler·ating, toler·ates
Medicine To have tolerance for (a substance or pathogen).

tol′er·a′tive adj.
tol′er·a′tor n.

Patient discussion about tolerate

Q. When will I have the Glucose Tolerance Test? I am pregnant and wanted to know when I need to have the Glucose Tolerance Test and what is the test like.

A. The test is given between week 24 and week 28 of the pregnancy. First you drink glucose, which is very sweet. You can mix it will water to help it go down easier. Then, after an hour you will have a blood test to check your glucose levels.

Q. What Do my Oral Glucose Tolerance Test Results Mean? I had an Oral Glucose Tolerance Test last week. I am 26 weeks pregnant. The results I got are 132 mg/dL. What does this mean?

A. If your blood glucose level was greater than 130 mg/dL, your provider will likely recommend you take another diabetes screening test that requires you to fast (not eat anything) before the test. During this second test, called the 100-gram oral glucose tolerance test, your blood glucose level will be tested four times during a three-hour period after drinking the cola-like drink. If two out of the four blood tests are abnormal, you are considered to have gestational diabetes.

Q. I want to know the types of therapy to treat Bipolar Disorder. My aunty is suffering from Bipolar disorder. I couldn’t tolerate her suffering. So I want to know the types of therapy to treat this?

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The head of the central bank said that the apex bank could tolerate a very low CPI rather than an elevated one.
For this reason, Albanians have no reason to tolerate Gruevski when BDI is power, same as in 2006-2008, when PDSH was in power.
2 : to stand the action of <These plants tolerate drought well.
The expert further testified that Canadians generally tolerate partner-swapping, but not in a public place.
If you live by the ocean, you might need plants that tolerate salty and sandy soils.
Treatment was tough, difficult to tolerate, time consuming, and resource intense--with a relatively small chance of virologic response.
Department of Agriculture screened about 100,000 trees that survived the epidemic, but identified few that naturally tolerate the disease.
As I will not tolerate the loss of any one of these brave men or women due to the failure of an officer's character, I will not tolerate a single unreported criminal act on the part of our cadets.
It will have porcelain-on-aluminum walls, floors and ceilings, which I can tolerate.
Not everyone who cannot tolerate contact lenses has corneal dystrophy.
Ours is not a perfect society and it is unfortunate but true that the community may tolerate publications that cause harm to members of society and therefore to society as a whole.