tolerance limits

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tolerance limits

specified performance limits for allowable error for a test; the limits selected should depend on both the effect of the error on the clinical significance of a test and on what is technically achievable.

tol·er·ance lim·its

(tol'ĕr-ăns lim'its)
Specified performance limits for allowable error for a test; the limits selected should depend on both the effect of the error on the clinical significance of a test and on what is technically achievable.


the ability to endure without effect or injury.

drug tolerance
1. decreased susceptibility to the effects of a drug due to its continued administration.
2. the maximum permissible level of a drug in or on animal feed or food at any particular time relative to slaughter.
high-dose tolerance
in immunology, that induced by the intravenous administration of high doses of aqueous proteins.
immunological tolerance
specific nonreactivity of the immune system to a particular antigen, which is capable under other conditions of inducing an immune response. There is, under normal circumstances, tolerance to self-antigens; identical (monozygotic) twins and dizygotic cattle or sheep twins where there has been placental fusion and exchange of bone marrow stem cells are also tolerant of each other's tissues. Allophenic mice, that is mice produced by fusion of blastocysts from different mice are also tolerant of both 'parents'. The administration of antigens either at high or low dose and infection with certain viruses during critical early stages of immunological development may also induce tolerance.
tolerance level
the concentration of a drug or chemical permitted by law to be present in human food.
tolerance limits
the numerical limits within which a previously identified proportion of values of a variable, or observations in a population, can be expected to occur.
low-dose tolerance
that induced by repeated administration of low doses of the antigen.
oral tolerance
that induced by oral administration of the antigen.
the non-reactivity of the immune system to self-antigens.
tolerance test
see tolerance test.
zero tolerance
when no detectable amount of a chemical substance is permitted in human food.
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Statistical prediction with special reference to the problem of tolerance limits.
Therefore, water chemistry has profound effects on the uptake and accumulation of metals that ultimately resulted in variable tolerance limits of two fish species as observed during present investigation.
The present investigation reveals that all the three fish species showed significantly variable tolerance limits, in terms of 96-hr LC50, against mixture of five metals.
Regarding overall responses of three fish species for their tolerance limits, 240 day fish were significantly least sensitive to metallic ion toxicity, while 60 days old fish exhibited significantly higher sensitivity (Table I).
280 ug/L) and 40% of the positive samples exceeded the tolerance limit of 0.
Now, following Users Group standards, the policy is set: the pipette is calibrated quarterly at three volumes (20, 100 and 200 [micro]L) with defined tolerance limits for accuracy and precision.
SCENARIO can be used to predict thermal responses such as rectal temperature, heart rate, sweat loss and blood flow, which can in turn be used to predict tolerance limits using relevant indices, e.
For instance, for tolerance limits at a distance of 4 standard deviations from the mean, the probability of their maintenance is 0.
Saudi Arabia maintained its standard policy on operational tolerance limits, which allow the oil producer to vary contracted volumes by 5 per cent either lower or higher, despite some talk that the Saudis might tighten those limits to pare back supply discreetly, the lifters said.
For example, quintozene is a perfectly legal pesticide for broccoli within EPA tolerance limits.
Their study of tolerance limits for LBT, "Determination of the Critical Stages of Processing and Tolerance Limits for Harmonia axyridis for "Ladybug Taint" in Wine," as published in Vitis, revealed that, given established detection thresholds of the taint, "Estimates of tolerance limits in the vineyard .