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tokoloshe (tōˈ·kō·lōˑ·shā),

n in traditional South African healing, an evil spirit believed to cause accidents and misfortune.
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For he had an uncle--they all have "uncles"--who wielded the power of a tokoloshe, and this had been unleashed upon me.
Gem Squash Tokoloshe offers a more complex treatment of the need to face the traumas of apartheid, yet even so, in the end the suffering of the white witness overshadows the ongoing struggles of the black characters.
Tokoloshe has proved a force to be reckoned with in recent months, going head to head with some success against other Rolex Commodores' Cup contenders on the Solent circuit.
But this instance does beg the question: Could the tokoloshe be the experience of a stimulated indusium griseum?
Scholtz verwys ook in sy verhale oor die Tokkelossie na die magic pebble wat in die geval deur die Tokkelossie gevryf word en terwyl hy 'n towerspreuk uitspreek die "hairy form of the Tokoloshe slowly begins to dissolve into a misty, ethereal shape and suddenly the ghostly figure disappears" (Scholtz 2004: 7).
Tash Aw: The Harmony Silk Factory (Harper Perennial) Diana Evans: 26a (Chatto & Windus) Peter Hobbs: The Short Day Dying (Faber and Faber) Rachel Zadok: Gem Squash Tokoloshe (Pan Macmillan
Rachel Zadok, aged 33, has been nominated for Gem Squash Tokoloshe, about a young girl growing up during the height of apartheid unrest in South Africa.
The Tokoloshe becomes a trope for a South African phallocentrism that continues to have devastating effects on women in contemporary South Africa.
to thwart a ground-hugging, night-prowling gremlin called the tokoloshe," donned Crusader robes with white sashes and shepherd's crooks, and "danced in circles around fires" (43).
A bigger danger could be Tokoloshe King, who will benefit from the presence in the saddle of Dario Vargiu, one of Rome's top pilots who has made the long journey north for five rides.
For a list of stores in your area that carry the candles, fax or e-mail your zip code and fax number or e-mail address to the manufacturer Tokoloshe, at (416) 663-8668 or tokoloshe@mail.
Gold, emeralds, once a set of traffic lights, a tokoloshe .