toe drop

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1. A minute spherical mass of liquid.
2. Failure of a part to maintain its normal position, usually due to paralysis or injury.

culture drop

A bacterial culture in a drop of culture medium.

falling drop

1. In physical diagnosis, a metallic tinkle heard over the normal stomach and bowel when they are inflated.
2. A metallic tinkle heard over large cavities containing fluid and air, as in hydropneumothorax.

hanging drop

Application of a drop of solution to a small glass coverslip. This is then inverted over a glass slide with a depression in it. The contents of the suspended solution can be examined microscopically.

head drop

Dropped head syndrome.

knock-out drops

A colloquial term for a sedative.

nose drops

Medication instilled in or sprayed into the nasal cavity.
See: Nasal Spray and Drops

toe drop

Inability to lift the toes.

wrist drop

A condition in which the hand is flexed at the wrist and cannot be extended. It may be due to injury of the radial nerve or paralysis of the extensor muscles of the wrist and hand.
Synonym: drop hand
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