toe crack

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toe crack

A crack or fissure in the front part of a horse's hoof.


a discontinuity in a hard, brittle surface such as horn, hoof.

toe crack


a digit of the foot.

toe abscess
see foot abscess.
toe crack
curled toe
kicked-up toe
a common injury in dogs, particularly racing Greyhounds, in which the deep flexor tendon is ruptured causing the affected claw to be elevated above others on the foot. Called also knocked-up toe.
toe out
the limb is rotated slightly so that the toe points a little outward.
toe picking
a vice of very young chickens that are hungry because feed supplies are inaccessible or inadequate. They pick each other's toes and start an outbreak of cannibalism.
sand toe
see sand toe.
seedy toe
splayed toe
sprung toe
a problem of racing Greyhounds characterized by dislocation of the proximal interphalangeal joint through rupture of the medial collateral ligament. The toe is displaced laterally, usually overriding the next toe.