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A tocol with three double bonds in the side chain, that is, with three additional double bonds in the phytyl chain. The natural products carry methyls at one or more of positions 5, 7, and 8 of the chromanol and are thus identical, except for the unsaturation in the phytyl-like side chain, to the tocopherols; also analogous is the cyclization to form a chromanol derivative and oxidation to form the tocotrienolquinones (or chromenols). Abbreviated T-n (hydroquinone form) or TQ-n (quinone form) and preceded by α-, β-, etc., as in the tocopherols, to indicate degree of methylation (the n indicates the number of intact isoprene or prenyl units remaining in the chromanol or chromenol form). Tocotrienol terminology is used to indicate relationships to tocols and tocoenols (vitamin E-like), the chromanol terminology to indicate relationship to the isoprenoidal compounds of the vitamin K and coenzyme Q series.
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Muscadine grape seed oil would be a valuable addition to the market of edible oils because it is a unique source of tocotrienol in addition to being a good source of mono- and polyunsaturated fatty acids.
No cells could be observed in the 16 [micro]mol/L tocotrienol-treated group, which indicated that treatment with 16 [micro]mol/L tocotrienol for 8 days or longer time showed a strong toxicity and inhibitory effect on the mineralization of osteoblast.
A unique pathway modulated by gamma tocotrienol is the mevalonate pathway that controls cholesterol production, cancer promotion, and bone formation.
Abdul Karim, "Reversal of myoblast aging by tocotrienol rich fraction post-treatment," Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity, vol.
These results are in agreement with a previous study demonstrating that tocotrienol better protects cells against glutamate-induced injury compared to tocopherol [1,10].
It is anticipated that the technology will help improve the bioavailability of tocotrienols, which forms the basis of Gordagen's prescription medicines portfolio.
Two isomers of tocochromanols have been identified: tocopherol (a, AY, and d) and tocotrienol (a, AY, and d).
Group A was given normal laboratory diet, group B high fat diet and group C was given tocotrienol along with high fat diet for 32 weeks.
Tocotrienol rich fraction (TRF) is an extract of palm oil, and consists of 25% of [alpha]-TCP and 75% tocotrienols.
Tocotrienol isomers ([alpha]T3, [gamma]T3, and [delta]T3) with a purity of at least 95% were kindly provided by Carotech Ltd.