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tobacco pipe,

n a small, handheld tobacco burning device that holds a burning, dried tobacco leaf in a small cup at one end, while user uses lips to draw smoke through a small cylinder attached to the side of the bowl.
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We have a tobacco pipe, which is quite small, as tobacco was really expensive.
The dig, part of the Bute Park Restoration Project, took place over six to eight weeks from July and its finds included animal bones, engraved leather, the sword sheath, imported Venetian glass, a pewter spoon and clay tobacco pipe fragments.
We have a tobacco pipe, which is quite small because tobacco was really expensive.
But a pensioner who wants a new tobacco pipe has to ask to see them.
In the three seasons of operation, the project has yielded more than 13,400 Dutch-manufactured clay tobacco pipes dating from the early seventeenth century.
The All Other Wood Product Manufacturing Industry produces miscellaneous wood products, which includes wooden ladders, dowels, handles, toilet seats, kitchenware, toothpicks, canes, tobacco pipes, shoe heels, etc, which are not classified in any other US industry.
Finds include parts of an Elizabethan stone window frame; glass bottles manufactured in Cardigan and Carmarthen and clay tobacco pipes.
Occasionally steps are performed over a pair of clay tobacco pipes
The bodies were lying under just three feet of soil beneath a farmer's beet field, and were still clad in uniforms and boots with artefacts including rifles, tobacco pipes and personal effects scattered about.
a manufacturer and importer of handmade tobacco pipes and pipe and tobacco accessories, since 1982.
You don't have to be a smoker to find clay tobacco pipes interesting.
Exciting discoveries such as clay tobacco pipes dating from 1630 to 1650 - some of which were made and sold in Abergavenny - have been unearthed.