toad venom

toad venom,

n a secretion from the sebaceous and parotid glands of
Bufo bufo gargarizans, Chinese toad, which is dried and used in traditional Chinese medicine; highly toxic and only used in minute amounts. Overdose has been associated with serious, occasionally fatal cases of cardiotoxicity. Also called
ch'an su.
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We wanted to apply a Western medicine-based approach to explore the role of the toad venom compound in cancer patients and test if it is possible to deliver a more potent dose without raising toxicities or side effects," Cohen added.
Efficacy of digoxin Fab fragments (Digibind(R)) in the treatment of toad venom poisonig.
Since DSHEA became law, substances as varied as paint stripper, bat shit, toad venom, and lamb placenta have all been imported from overseas, bottled up--often by people with no scientific or health backgrounds--and marketed as dietary supplements to unsuspecting American consumers.