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The way in which something is done; style, method.
[O.Fr. maniere, fr. L. manus, hand]
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To the manner born is a phrase from Shakespeare's Hamlet, meaning "accustomed to a practice from birth.
Far too elegantly dressed for her surroundings, pretending to be to the manner born, she quickly makes the moment all about herself, even offering to re-enter the premises so the camera crew can capture her arrival in all its low-rent splendor.
Aflame with both passion and piety, she was Tosca to the manner born.
Sheridan rose and said: "I'm obliged, m'Lord" as to the manner born.
But ever since its revival of Les Patineurs in 1946, ABT has had a special relationship with Ashton choreography, always dancing it to the manner born.
But after one fencing lesson and a few words about chivalric duty from the father he never knew, a Crusader knight named Godfrey (Liam Neeson, very good), Balian not only becomes a formidable fighter, he understands land management and military strategy as only someone to the manner born could.
The big A8 responds almost as if to the manner born.
Utterly charismatic towards the delightful Zerlina of Rebecca Evans, he showed little interest in the fiery Donna Elvira of Nuccia Focile or the tragic Donna Anna of Anna Netrebko; on the other hand, he was particularly compelling when disguised as Leporello, the excellent Erwin Schrot, who in his turn mimicked his master's voice as if to the manner born.