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The way in which something is done; style, method.
[O.Fr. maniere, fr. L. manus, hand]
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WEDDED MISS Heidi Withers and Freddie Bourne TO THE MANNER Born Carolyn Bourne
I'll simply flip the trip switch as to the manner born.
When he came into the England side two years ago he looked to the manner born.
Isn't everybody to the manner born with a rambling country house, a modest stately home in Scotland and a lolloping labrador?
He slips into his heroic role to the manner born and co-stars Christopher Walken and Bruce Dern make it appear effortless.
He started by learning enough Welsh to sling dollops of it around as to the manner born.
Ravishingly sung by a cast of five (six with the deus ex machina angel who descends late on to put everything right -a telling moment for Charlotte Ellett) and supported by an orchestra which played like a period band to the manner born (conductor Paul McCreesh has achieved a miraculous transformation of tone and technique), it was a memorable evening.
Prior rattled along at nearly a run a ball playing proper cricket shots and looking as though to the manner born.